Meet the VR Square Mini


Portable Design

With the Foldable and Lightweight design, you can take it everywhere you go. This enables you to show and watch VR and 360 videos at all places with your own mobile phone.

Quality lenses

High Quality Fresnel lenses give you the clearest vision in the portable VR world. All corners in your screen are viewable and provide you with a stunning Experience.

Easy accessibility

The clip-on-phone functionality gives you easy and fast access to your favourite content and swap to different views and videos and share the experience with your friends. VR has never been so easy!

Crystal clear VR experience in the pocket of your jeans.

Quality Fresnel lenses

The custom designed square fresnel lenses give you a crystal clear vision even in the corners of your screen on all phone sizes. With minimal distortion, this high quality also reduces nausea experienced in other portable VR models and gives you the stunning experience of quality content you want!

Portable design

The foldable design enables you to take it with you in the pocket of your jeans. The compactness gives it the strength to endure the casual flicks and bumps of everyday life. This enables you to view your favourite content everywhere you travel.

Easy accessibility

Quickly clipping on and off makes it easy to swap between content. The mini model give you much more freedom of movement compared to headmounted models – and you can access all the features of your phone while it is clipped on. It also makes it easy to share your VR experience with your friends!